What is new energy generation?

What is New energy generation? First of all, we must understand what new energy is.

With the continuous progress of human society, the development of energy is also constantly expanding, we divide energy into conventional energy and new energy. Conventional energy, also known as traditional energy, generally refers to energy that has been mass-produced and widely used. For example: oil, coal, natural gas and so on. Conventional energy is relatively poor renewable, it is difficult to form again in a short time, with a little less, belongs to non-renewable resources.

New energy refers to energy that is systematically developed and utilized on the basis of new technologies, that is, energy that is being developed and utilized but not yet widely used. At present, the world focuses on the development of new energy: solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, nuclear energy and so on. In fact, water energy is also a traditional energy, but we use technology to convert into secondary energy, so it can also be called new energy.


Compared with traditional energy, new energy is characterized by: most of the new energy is natural and renewable, which is the basis of the future world's durable energy system, with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, the supply of new energy and renewable energy will continue to increase, and can be used more long-term than traditional energy.

At the same time, compared with traditional energy, new energy does not produce or only produce a small amount of carbon emissions and pollutants, is environmentally friendly energy. Therefore, the development of new energy is the only way for our country to reach the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality.

Understanding new energy can better understand new energy power generation. New energy power generation, as the name suggests, is to convert new energy into electricity, here we will talk about another concept, primary energy and secondary energy.

Primary energy refers to energy resources that exist in natural form and have not been processed or converted, such as raw coal, crude oil, natural gas, hydropower, nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, etc.

Secondary energy refers to the energy products produced by processing conversion devices for the specific needs of human activities, such as electricity, gas, coke, steam and various petroleum products, etc. Secondary energy is mainly generated by the conversion of primary energy processing, but also includes another secondary energy converted by a secondary energy processing.

In our life and production, the most common and most widely used secondary energy is electric energy.

Therefore, new energy power generation is the process of converting wind, water, light, geothermal and other primary energy into electricity.

Well, today we understand what is new energy, what is new energy power generation, you think is not very simple.






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