Ensure that new energy generation can be well used

China's largest affordable offshore wind farm has been completed and put into operation, Tibet's largest photovoltaic power supply guarantee project has been connected to the grid at full capacity, and the first batch of large-scale wind power photovoltaic base projects have all started. Recent data released by the National Energy Administration show that in 2022, the newly installed wind power photovoltaic capacity accounted for 78% of the country's new installed capacity, the new wind power photovoltaic capacity accounted for more than 55% of the country's new power generation, wind power photovoltaic has become the main body of China's new installed capacity and new power generation. At the same time, the level of new energy utilization is also steadily improving. According to statistics, the utilization rate of wind power increased from 82.4% in 2016 to 96.8% in 2022; The utilization rate of photovoltaic power generation increased from 90% in 2016 to 98.3% in 2022. This fully reflects the good development trend of China's new energy development speed, high utilization level and strong industrial competitiveness.

The double improvement of the quantity and utilization level of new energy power generation cannot be separated from the joint efforts of all links of the power system "source, network, load and storage". On the power side, local governments have coordinated the development and construction of new energy sources and the construction of supporting regulation capabilities, and increased the flexibility of coal power units. The proportion of distributed photovoltaics has gradually increased, and the new installed capacity layout has been transferred to the eastern central region, helping the photovoltaic consumption nearby. On the power grid side, we will coordinate the construction of new energy and power grid transmission projects, increase the optimization of trans-provincial and trans-regional transmission modes of new energy, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of distribution networks. On the load side, fully tap the demand side response ability, use the market way to guide the power users to actively shift the peak and avoid the peak, and play the role of virtual power plant. On the energy storage side, increase the construction of pumped storage and promote the rapid development of new energy storage. The two-pronged, overall planning of supply and consumption has continued to enhance the capacity of new energy supply and provided strong support for the construction of a new power system.

It should also be seen that wind power and photovoltaic power generation "rely on the sky to eat", with randomness and volatility. The large-scale and high proportion of new energy access has brought great challenges to the dispatch and operation of the power system, and also requires the coordinated support and overall promotion of power grid transmission and distribution, other power sources and energy storage. How to accelerate the planning and construction of the new energy supply and consumption system, achieve a high level of consumption and utilization, and ensure the reliable and stable supply of electricity is a problem that must be solved to achieve high-quality development of new energy.

On the one hand, ensure that new energy generation can be delivered. At present, the construction of large scenery bases focusing on deserts, Gobi and desert areas is accelerating, which helps to solve the problem of low energy density and large land area of new energy. However, these scenery bases are mostly located in the "three North" area, and the electricity load is mainly located in the central and eastern regions and the southern regions. This requires speeding up the construction of cross-provincial and cross-regional transmission channels, supported by flexible power supply adjustment, and continuously improving the scale of transmission and new energy consumption capacity of wind and scenery bases.

On the other hand, ensure that new energy generation is well used. This depends on comprehensively improving the regulation capacity and flexibility of the power system, and increasing the construction of flexible transformation of coal power units, pumped storage and new energy storage. At present, the volume of new energy storage and pumped storage is still relatively small, which is not compatible with the large-scale and rapid development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and it takes time to accumulate effective supporting capacity. In the process of development, it is necessary to further improve market mechanisms such as the compensation mechanism of peak and frequency regulating power supply and the cost recovery mechanism of energy storage, which helps to encourage various business entities to spontaneously allocate energy storage resources and guide social capital to actively participate in the construction of new energy storage.

The comprehensive benefits of large-scale and high-proportion development of new energy are huge. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China's wind and solar power generation will be doubled. Increase efforts to plan and build a new energy supply and consumption system based on large solar power bases, supported by clean, efficient, advanced and energy-saving coal power around them, and supported by stable, safe and reliable UHV transmission and transformation lines. Promote the system construction from all aspects of policy, technology, mechanism and other links, we will certainly provide strong support for the sound and rapid development of new energy. While ensuring secure energy supply, we have made new progress in promoting green and low-carbon energy transformation.

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